Don’t Exercise, Just Move As You Go About Life!

When we exercise, we usually make time to go to the gym, go for a run, or go to a yoga or fitness class.  The amount of time we exercise is often one hour of our day.   The rest of the day we often spend sitting at a desk and sitting in a car and then we sit in the evening watching television or using our computer.

This daily exercise routine is supposed to keep us in shape, make us flexible and keep us healthy!

Unfortunately, the majority of our day is still spent in a flexed and immobile position.  Research indicates that our physical self adapts to our experience of the world.  If our physical experience of the world is spine flexed, hips and knees bent at 90 degrees, and neck forward, then the cells of our body sense and translate these mechanical signals created by this physical environment into biomechanical signals whereby our cells adjust to their structure and function accordingly.  Our cells in our body, therefore, adapt and form to the chronic loads placed on our body.   When these chronic loads are in flexion,  then the tissues are pulled, pushed and compressed  into this form as well.

The time that we devote to exercise benefits the tissues that are used but the tissues that are not used become weak or stay weak.  Movement of the whole body throughout the day benefits all the tissues if our goal is to use the body equally.  Movement incorporates sitting less, breaking up the workday with chores or taking frequent mini breaks, squatting, sitting on the floor in different positions, taking calls and doing errands on foot, going to the park with your kids, going to the woods or to the mountains, and using your environment to facilitate movement like hanging from a tree branch, balancing on a log and walking on uneven surfaces.

Let’s move as we go about our daily life!

This is a photo of me and my 2 boys out for a walk in the snow.






cloverdalechiroDon’t Exercise, Just Move As You Go About Life!