About Us


About Us

At our multi-disciplinary clinic, we specialize in work and sports injury care utilizing Chiropractic, Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston, and Registered Massage Therapy. Our highly trained and experienced professionals will conduct a thorough history and examination, establish a diagnosis and provide a detailed report of findings and plan of management.


We believe a patient is more than the physical complaint that they present with. True wellness is more than being symptom-free; it encompasses a person’s mind, body and spirit. We encourage all our patients to be as active as possible by participating in the sports and activities they enjoy.

We believe it is your right to be informed; to know what your condition is, why it developed, what our plan is for your recovery and what your choices are. We also work with and refer to a wide variety of medical specialists, athletic trainers, rehabilitation professionals and other health practitioners to provide continuity of care.


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